The ReCreate Store Team is off to Cambodia!

September 23, 2014

Next month our team is off on an adventure to Cambodia! It is a privilege to be able to travel so freely from an amazing country like New Zealand, and to experience the lives and cultures of others who live so differently from us. We will be spending time with the women who are employed in our sewing centre in Dey Tmey, as well as visiting and photographing some of the other ethical suppliers whose products you will soon be able to buy in our store.

I have been travelling to Cambodia regularly since 2003, and I'd love to share some of my travel tips with you!

1.  Patience is important.  Things rarely go according to plan when you're travelling in a crazy foreign destination. So relax and go with the flow! You'll enjoy it more.

2.  Meet local people.  Nothing reflects the culture better than the people. Getting to know them means you're getting the most out of the place that you're visiting.

3.  Learn the language.  Trust me, even if you speak a few words badly, most local people will love you for it. If not, well hey, at least you made them laugh...

4.  Try volunteering.  We love it when people give back. Get some recommendations, and look for worthwhile long-term projects that can genuinely use a short-term helping hand.

5.  Local food... yum!  Khmer fried fish, tacos, Pad Thai, barbecued crickets... the world is full of amazing food and trying it is a great way to experience the local culture and gain respect from local people!

6. Pack less.  After years of being over-prepared, I have found it much more relaxing to travel light. So what if you forget your toothbrush... other countries have shops, right?

7.  Love your scarf!  My friends, when you are overseas a scarf is not just a scarf. It's a towel, a bed sheet, a sun shade, an eye mask, and so much more!

8.  Be entertained.  When you travel, you'll find yourself doing a lot of sitting around and waiting for things! Keep your media device packed with movies and tunes to make waiting a breeze.

9.  Keep copies.  Travel light but secure. Keep copies of your passport, travel documents and hard drive stored away somewhere safe. Dropbox or other online storage works great!

10.  Do it now!  After travelling extensively throughout my 20's I am a huge advocate of getting out into the world. There's many reasons why you should put it off, but travel can be one of life's most amazing experiences, so go on, don't miss out! There is a travel experience out there for everyone...

Copyright photos by Kevin Tyree.

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