ReCreate Homeware

October 31, 2016

ReCreate Homeware

Something a little bit different has been going on behind the scenes of ReCreate. You probably best know us for our clothing range which has been our primary focus over the last two years. But now... we are now super excited to announce the ReCreate homeware range!

If you've heard our story before, you will know that we are passionate about providing training and employment for marginalised people, which is why we established our sewing training and production centre in the rural community of Dey Tmey, Cambodia. This is a place that not only provides sewing training for women, but also provides a lifelong skill and the opportunity to be free from poverty. And it is this opportunity that we exist to provide, so we thought why just stop at clothing!

We first had the idea for homeware during our annual team trip to Cambodia last year. We spent some time visiting a number of inspiring businesses that provided employment for families in rural Cambodia. One of these businesses had a focus on hand weaving, and in particular to provide fair employment to disabled people and their families. We had the opportunity to visit some of these beautiful people in their homes, and were very excited about what we saw. The skills and experience of local artisans inspired us, yet because of the location of their homes, they lacked access to work.

So we recruited the skills of talented New Zealand designer Charlie Baker, the amazing woman behind the charlie jane label. We love her gorgeous fabric prints, so she was the ideal person to create a custom designed fabric using the ikat weaving technique, which is a traditional Cambodian style of weaving that we explored during our travels.

This intricate and incredibly skilled technique is based on a design that is first sketched on paper. This design is then broken down into individual strands of thread, and every single strand is hand tied and dyed into sections. The weaver then carefully reconstructs the design by weaving each thread in the correct order, and the original design gradually emerges, but with a beautifully imperfect representation that lacks the sharp lines of a mass produced fabric. An experienced weaver can create one metre of ikat fabric per day, so it truly is a special fabric.

Our fabrics are made using natural cotton and dyed with AZO-free dyes. And... the weaving project that we partnered with to bring you these homewares has been recognised by the International Trade Centre, a joint agency by the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation, as providing an effective solution to poverty in rural Cambodia. We love being a part of that, with your support!

Once the weaving is complete, this special fabric then travels to our sewing centre where each item is carefully made. Our sewing team have carefully created the patterns and learned new techniques in order to make this range, including hand-tying each and every tassel with care and attention to detail. We're really excited to share our homeware range with you and hope that you love it as much as we do.


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Size Guide

Use the following guides to choose the size closest to your body measurements. Please note that some styles are designed to be more fitted than others.

Bust 82-86cm 87-91cm 92-96cm 97-101cm
Waist 67-71cm 72-76cm 77-81cm 82-86cm
Hip 92-96cm 97-101cm 102-106cm 107-111cm
Chest 90-94cm 95-99cm 100-104cm 105-109cm
Waist 80-84cm 85-89cm 90-94cm 95-99cm
Hip 90-94cm 95-99cm 100-104cm 105-109cm

Our featured women's model for Spring Summer 2017, Natasha, wears size XS. She is 180cm/5'9" tall with a 91cm bust, 73cm waist and 99cm hips. Our featured women's model for Autumn Winter 2017 (sale items), Maddie, wears size XS. She is 165cm/5'4" tall with a 84cm bust, 63cm waist and 94cm hips.

Our featured men's model for Spring Summer 2017, Nick, wears size M. He is 185cm/6'0" tall with a 96cm chest and 86cm waist. Our featured men's model for Autumn Winter 2017 (sale items), Hugh, wears size M. He is 175cm/5'7" tall with a 92cm chest and 81cm waist.