How do I know that your products are ethically produced?
We carefully check the background of every product to make sure that it has been produced under good working conditions. In many cases, we have even visited the producers ourselves. This means that, at a minimum, every employee is an adult who receives fair wages, is working under healthy conditions and is free from exploitation or discrimination.
What does it mean if a product is NOT ethically produced?
This can mean that employees are not paid fairly, are made to work excessive hours, work in unsafe conditions, and more. In the worst cases this can involve forced labour, exploitation, and even child labour.

Do your producers have health and safety standards?
Yes. These standards are of great importance to us. Each of our producers ensure fair working hours with compassion towards workers who are disabled or unwell. Working environments are well lit and ventilated, free from chemicals, and have good toilet facilities. In some cases, workers are free to choose their own working hours and to work from home.
How does my purchase help disadvantaged people?
The sale of our products enables sustainable, fair employment for producers from disadvantaged communities. In addition, we are 100% non-profit, with any profits reinvested into local communities through a range of community development projects.

What does 100% non-profit mean?
This means that we have committed 100% of our profits to serve charitable causes. Operating as part of a New Zealand Registered Charity, our financial records are made completely transparent through The Department of Internal Affairs.

What happens to profits made?
We aim to invest our profits back into the Dey Tmey community in Cambodia which, incidentally, is also the community where our ReCreate clothing range is produced. Community development projects will be selected in consultation with local community leaders... After all, they know their community better than we do. We also look forward to expanding our sponsorship opportunities in the future.

Are you Fair Trade?
Yes! We ensure that Fair Trade practices are used in the production of every product. We are also proud members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Are you Fairtrade Certified?
No. This means that we do not pay any fees to the Fairtrade organisation. We also supply products that have been made by producers who are not certified by a Fairtrade organisation, but where we are completely satisfied that ethical production and Fair Trade practices have been used. In some cases alternative certification processes such as GOTS have been used.
What is GOTS?
GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and fair trade criteria, and is backed up by independent certification. Many of our ReCreate garments use GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.
How long will my order take to arrive?
After your order has been placed, New Zealand customers will receive their parcel within 1-3 working days. International customers will receive their parcel within 3-10 working days. Please check out our shipping page for more info.
What if my order is damaged while being delivered?
We will package your product with our utmost care. However sometimes products can be damaged by bumpy transit or rough handling, which is beyond our control. If damage has occurred, please contact us. We will need to know which item is affected and the damage that has occurred. Please do not dispose of any damaged items until we have assessed your claim.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! Please check out our shipping page for more info.
Can I exchange items or request a refund?
Please read our Returns Policy.
You didn't answer my question!
Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.